Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

I am so pleased to share with you the first issue of DOMA: the literary journal of Fulbright Bulgaria. Enclosed herewith are works of poetry, prose, and photography from past and current grantees, representing several generations of intercultural exchange. If you are affiliated with Fulbright Bulgaria, I hope you find elements of your own experience reflected in these pieces and that you will consider submitting your own creative work for future issues. If you are unfamiliar with Bulgaria or the Balkans, I hope DOMA can serve as an introduction to the complex, unique, and inspiring landscape of Bulgaria.

While curating this issue I found myself returning often to the idea of understanding – of others, of ourselves, of the space we inhabit and the energy we possess. In chaotic times,  a level of understanding of each other can cross boundaries and tear down walls. Experiencing the creativity of others can provide light where there seems to be only dark. I hope DOMA’s first issue can help you find a deeper understanding of your own space and that your personal form of creative energy will guide your days going forward.

I’m grateful to the staff and Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission, without whom DOMA would never have grown beyond a mere insomnious idea; to my assistant editors Olivia Melodia, Azlin Armstrong, and Will Theodorou for their enthusiasm and patience; and to my adopted home of Bulgaria, which was my strongest inspiration for this humble endeavor.

Thank you for taking the time to engage with our first issue. I hope to share many more issues of DOMA with you in the months and years to come, as well as expand beyond Bulgaria and the wider Fulbright community. Please feel free to send us an email at domajournalbulgaria@gmail.com. I’d truly love to hear your thoughts and responses to our first issue.

With gratitude,

Caroline Murphy
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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